How does work?

As a talent crowdsourcing portal, we specialize in getting referrals of passive talent through the public directly to you. Passive talent are those individuals who are already employed and are not actively looking for a job change - they are often the most qualified candidates in the market (and that's the reason why they're not actively looking).

You can post unlimited jobs on for free. When you post a job, you allocate a reward. This reward will be offered to anyone who knows a suitable candidate to incentivize them to refer said candidate.

After posting your job, you will be receiving candidates that have been referred by the crowd. Whenever you hire a candidate (and only then), you deposit the reward you have indicated into a ‘Placement Guarantee’, which runs for 3 months. At the end of the 3-month placement guarantee, the reward is encashed to the person who referred the candidate you hired. Within the 3-month placement guarantee, you can claim the reward back for any reason as long as the candidate ceases to be employed by you.